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Ig 003. Effects Of Pre-Questioning On The Reading Comprehension Achievement Of The Second Grade Students At SMAN-2 Jekan Raya In Academic Year 2006/2007

Ig 004. Student’s Learning Achievement With Traditional Asseement And Portofolio Assessment

Ig 005. An Analysis Of Past Continuous Tense From The Novel Entitled "The Devil On Lammad Night" By Susan Howatch

Ig 006. The Influence The Of Main Characters’ Conflicts Toward Plot In Oscar Wilde’s  “The Importance Of Being Earnest”

Ig 007. An Analysis Of The Main Character's Hatred Depicted in Sandra Brown's Novel Where There's Smoke

Ig 008. A Study On Connotative Meaning Of Language Used In Scorpion's Song

Ig 009. An Analysis Of The English Texbook For The First Year Students Of Junior High School Based On The 2004 Curriculum In Pondok Pesantren Al-Mukmin Ngruki

Ig 010. An Analysis Of Compound Words In Children Storybooks

Ig 011. Teaching Vocabulary Using Games At Aisyiah Kindergarten Margosari Karangmalang Sragen

Ig 012. Teaching Reading By Using WFR (Warming-Up For Reading) To Increase Reading Skill To The Second Year Student Of SLTPN 2 Nogosari Boyolali

Ig 013. Translation Analysis Of English Figurative In J.K. Rowling's Novel Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secret And Its Translation By Listiana Srisanti

Ig 014. An Error Analysis On The English Composition By The Second Years Students Of Islamic High School Purbalingga In The Academic Year Of 2001/2002

Ig 015. A Rebel Against The Social Discrimination In Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin: A genetic Structurallism Approach

Ig 016. A Study On The Teaching And Learning Process Of english In The Sixth Of SD Negeri Pacitan I

Ig 017. The Indonesian Translation Of Positive Declarative Simple Sentences In Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms By Toto Sudarto Bactiar

Ig 018. A Descriptive Study On Vocabulary Mastery Of The Fifth Years Student At SDN 1 Purworejo Wonogiri

Ig 019. Anti-Slavery Spirits In William Shakespeare's The Tempest: A Sociological Approach

Ig 020. Error Analysis On Composition Of The Fourth Semester Students Of English Departement At Muhammadiyah University Of Surakarta

Ig 021. Study On The Application Of Grammar Translation Method In Teaching Reading To The First Year students Of SLTP PGRI 7 Jatiroto In 2002 

Ig 022. The Destructive Instinct In Shakerspeare's Macbeth: A Psycoanalytic Analysis

Ig 023. The Impact Of Narcotics Upon The Development Of Adolescents In The Era Of Globalization In Kartasura

Ig 024. The Influences Of Migration People To The Deveopment Culture In Surakarta

Ig 025. The Difficulties Of Guides In Radya Pustaka Museum

Ig 026. Defense Mechanism Of Tracy Whitney In Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes: Psychoanalytic Approach

Ig 027. Ketek Ogleng as a Traditional Art in Wonogiri Regency

Ig 028. Situational Language Teaching (SLT) And Its Possible Application In Teaching Conversastion To The First Year Student Of MAN Purwodadi On 2002/2003

Ig 029. An Error Analysis On English Writing Of The First Student Of SMK Muhammadiyah Delanggu 2003

Ig 030. A Descriptive Study On The Language Forms In Trademark Of Fragrance Products

Ig 031. An Error Analysis On The Students' Composition Of The First Year Student Of SMU Muhammadiyah Surakarta

Ig 032. An Analysis Of English Textbooks For SMK In The Perspective Of Curriculum 1994 (A Case Study On The First Year Students Textbook Of Business And Management)

Ig 033. An Error Analysis On The Compositions Of The Third Year Students Of Class A Junior High School 2 Dukuhwaru Tegal

Ig 034. A Pragmatik Analysis On Utterances Used In The Cartoon Of The Jakarta Post (Speech Act Approach)

Ig 035. A Comparative Analysis Between English And Indonesian Proverbs (In Symbolic Perspective)

Ig 036. Hedda's Effort In Maintaining Self-Esteem In Ibsen's Hedda Gabler: An Individual Psycological Appoach

Ig 037. Teaching English Using Songs To The Fourth Grade Elementary School Of Muhammadiyah Wedi Klaten

Ig 038. A Sosiological Study On George Eliot's Silas Marner

Ig 039. Students' Ability Of Using Mechanic Writing At The Fourth Semester Of English Department Of UMS Academic Year 2001-2003

Ig 040. Vocabulary Mastery Of The Second Year Students Academic Year 2001-2002 Of SMU Dharma Putra Salatiga

Ig 041. An Analysis Of Function Of That In The Novel Christy By Catherine Marshall

Ig 042. A Syntactic Analysis Of English Language Used In Cars Advertisment

Ig 043. Escape From Anxiety In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful And Damned: A Psychoanalytic

Ig 044. Fitzgerald's View On Marriage In The Tender Is The Night:A Sociological Approach

Ig 045. A Study On English Vocabulary Mastery Of The Third Year Students Of SLTP N 1 Gatak

Ig 046. Analysis Of Reading Comprehension Test In Work Sheet For The Second Year Students Of SLTP N 3 Temanggung

Ig 047. A descriptive Study On Figurative Language Used In English Song By Wet Wet Wet

Ig 048. The Struggle For Life In Broyler's Cast Away: A Psychoanalytic Analysis

Ig 049. The Implementation Of Communicative Approach In English Teaching Reading Of SMU Kanisius Harapan Tirtomoyo Wonogiri

Ig 050. Teaching English To The Students Of SDN TIBAYAN ! Jatinom Klaten In 2002

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